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Client Testimonials

"I was paying over $2000 while using Penelec, your customer service agent had me switch to your company and now my bill has gone down dramatically. I just called to say thank you for helping me!" 
--Michael G

"I had an agent come to my door and he was really helpful. He was very honest and upfront about everything and didn't leave until I was positive that I understood everything. In my opinion, this is a great company that cares about their customers."
 --Ayan O

"I want to take this opportunity to compliment one of your customer service personnel, for his excellent service. I am so pleased I had the chance to work with him!"
--Criselda B

"As an employer, I recognize excellence in customer service and so I must commend your agent. Your representative was a wealth of information and patiently explained the details I needed in a clear manner. He is the main reason why I am confident in staying with your company and ensure my loyalty. He is certainly a true asset to your company with an obvious loyalty to his company. He exuded friendly professionalism and genuine care for a positive customer service experience  " 
--Genevieve S.

"I currently use another supplier and my bill just keeps going up. My brother uses you and they
only have two people living in their home in the same town I live in and their electric bill is a fraction of what mine is."
--Leslie W.